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Welcome to the Dog House

Meet Jill’s SpokesDog

Otis was one of Jill’s first foster dogs. He, and his brother Hayden, fit right into the Murty home. Soon enough, Jill and Mr. Murty fell in love with Otis and decided to make him a part of their family. “He is one of the most expressive dogs I have ever known”. You can see what he is thinking by the expression on his face. He has a great way of telling people that Jill is the best choice for their real estate agent. Read his full story here.

Happy Dogs Make Happy Homes


of animals entering the shelter system are healthy and ready-to-adopt!

animals who enter shelters as strays are returned to their owners

Estimated number of rescue groups and animal sanctuaries in North America

million shelter animals are adopted each year

What is the Dog House?

Jill is passionate about helping our furry four-legged friends who haven’t had the opportunity to belong to a family in a loving home. The Dog House is a place for people to find out how to get involved too. Here, you will find information on local, southern California organizations who do what they can to make a difference. Are you ready to join in?

Why I Foster…

What is fostering and why do we do it?  Fostering is providing a temporary home for a pets in need of a place to stay until a permanent home is found.  The rescue provides food and covers expenses for the foster pets.
We foster because we love animals and want to help.  It’s as simple as that.  People often say they could never foster because it would be so hard to let go.  It is hard to let go.  There are always tears (mine) whenever one of our fosters gets their new home.  They’re tears of both sadness and joy.  Sometimes we need a little bit of time between fosters because we fall in love and letting go is a little tough, but it’s all worthwhile.
If you’re interested in fostering, select a rescue group in your area or choose on of the ones below and complete a foster application.  A foster application can usually be found on the rescue group’s website.

Want To Get Involved?

If fostering isn’t for you or you’re not in a position to foster, there are many other ways you can help. Once you’re an approved volunteer with a rescue group, you can arrange with them to help in a number of ways! If the rescue has more dogs than foster homes, some dogs will be housed at a boarding facility.  You can arrange with the rescue to:


Visit some pups

Visitors and belly rubs are a real treat for dogs in boarding!


Walk the dogs

The exercise will do you both some good!


Take a dog for a day trip

What’s more fun than going on an outing with a dog?


Drive a dog to adoption events

Meet and greets are a great way for dogs to find their permanent home.


Transport for vet visits

Healthy dogs are happy, adoptable dogs.


Show off your special skills

Are you a marketing or social media expert?  Know how to plan fundraising events like nobody’s business?  You can help adoptable dogs gain more exposure and help raise funds for their care.


Donate supplies or funds

Donations help the rescue’s ability to keep rescuing and providing care for the dogs. Most rescues run completely on donations.

Where Do I Get Involved?

Meet Jill’s Current and Past Fosters

Meet Boyd.

After Boyd’s owner passed away, Boyd was living outside of a vacant house.  A volunteer with I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue became aware of the situation and posted a request for a foster family for Boyd.  We answered the call and Boyd came to live with us.

Boyd is a Sharpei/Lab mix, we think.  Boyd loves going for walks, but can nap like a rock star.  He’s never had an accident in the house and that’s a quality everyone can love. He likes to have the company of dogs, people or both.

Boyd is a sweet guy and we think it’s so cute when he sleeps on his back.  I think he wants to be prepared in case someone wants to give him a belly rub.

Boyd is looking for his forever home.  Could it be with you?

We’re fostering Boyd through I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue.

Submit an application to adopt Boyd here.

Janie & Jackson, the Chihuahuas.

Janie and Jackson came into our lives after we decided to foster little dogs.   We’re not generally small dog people, so fostering small dogs was our hedge against falling in love. The strategy was a total failure.  What we found out is that Chihuahua’s are awesome.

Janie & Jackson were around 3 lbs. when we got them.  After settling in and meeting our dogs who aren’t the friendliest greeting committee, Janie and Jackson found their confidence and went nose to nose with our 40 lb. and 60 lb. dogs.  They were all so cute together.

We talked a lot about keeping them, but decided we couldn’t have four dogs. Janie and Jackson were adopted a while back.  We only had them for a few weeks, but they made a permanent impression on our hearts.

We fostered Janie & Jackson through Friends of Orange County Homeless Pets FOCHP.

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