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This isn’t a real estate pitch, but…. if you’re thinking about making a move, contact me.


This is a departure from real estate and very important.  It’s about mobility.  Mobility is the gift we have, but often don’t appreciate until we lose it or see someone we love losing the ability to do everyday things for themselves.

Imagine a situation where you needed assistance to stand up, to get to the bathroom and to perform basic hygiene tasks.  If assistance doesn’t arrive in time, well, you know what would happen.  You wait for someone to help you get cleaned up and changed into fresh clothes.  Some people may find this humiliating, while others may view it as just the way things are when you get old.

Complacency Never Got Anyone Anywhere Good

Most people have a choice to improve their situation.  Those who don’t have a choice sure wish they did!  If it’s within your power to hang onto or regain your independence, do it.  It doesn’t matter where you start; it matters that you start.  Here are some things you can do:

  • Stretch
  • March in place
  • Be mindful of your posture
  • Walk with your dog, a friend or both
  • Go to the gym.  If you don’t know what to do when you get there, hire a trainer. 
  • If you’re 65 years+, a free gym membership may be available to you through Medicare.
  • Exercise with a friend.  It helps maintain social connections and you and your friend will keep each other accountable.

Physical decline happens slowly and people tend to adjust rather than take action.  You can lose your mobility and independence without realizing that’s the path you’re on.

Staying active is far more important than many people realize.  When we were younger, a lot of us worked out mostly to improve our exterior appearance.  As we age, keeping fit takes on a whole other meaning.  Your mindset and the choices you make are of great importance.  They will affect you for the rest of your life and have a large determining factor of your quality of life.

Get Into the Habit of Doing Something Active Every Day

I know, sometimes you just don’t feel like it.  Me, too.  Do it anyway.  Getting and staying active is much better than what you may face down the road such as:

  • Frequent doctor visits
  • Multiple medications
  • Medical procedures and surgeries
  • The need for assistive devices such as a cane, walker or scooter
  • Costly in-home assistance
  • Moving to an assisted living facility
  • Loss of independence

Being active isn’t some kind of cure-all, but it goes a long way toward maintaining quality of life.  Improving your nutrition definitely helps, too but I figured I’d limit this post to the merits of staying active.  Now get moving!