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Two New Foster Pups Have Arrived at The Murty House!


Delilah and Doughboy are the latest Murty foster pups to live with us until they find their forever homes.  These kids are obviously gorgeous and an absolute delight!  A couple of sweethearts with razor sharp puppy teeth, these beauties are charmers.

Their interests include:

  • Eating treats
  • Giving puppy kisses
  • Bringing joy to your life
  • Receiving tummy rubs
  • Exploring and playing in the yard and house
  • Looking at you as though you’re the most important person in the whole world

These pups came from the rescue organization FOCHP (Friends of Orange County’s Homeless Pets).  FOCHP is a terrific organization!  If you’re considering adopting a pet, check out their website for dogs or cats available for adoption and complete the application.

Have you been thinking about fostering?  It’s a fantastic thing to do and frankly, it saves lives.  Rescue groups are always in need of foster homes for the animals.  The rescue provides the foster family with supplies and covers medical costs, if any.

People often ask if it’s sad when a foster goes to their new home.  Well, it’s a happy sad.  You’ve done something good for your foster because you’ve saved them from being in boarding, the shelter or quite possibly euthanasia.  You’ve provided the bridge to get them into their permanent home, but you’ve also become attached.  Sometimes it’s hard to do a really good thing, but you should still do it.

Confession: I cry when each foster goes to their forever home.

I suppose you could say I find homes for dogs and people, too!

If you’re interested in selling a home, buying a home or referring someone who does, contact me here or just pick up the phone and call or text 949.355.5321 to get in touch.  I’ll help with real estate and I can also help you find a furry new best friend.