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APRIL 10, 2018


That’s the last day of the grace period to pay property taxes for the installment due February 1, 2018.


Be sure to pay by April 10, 2018 to avoid the late fee, which is a hefty 10%.  If you plan to pay by check, make sure the envelope is postmarked no later than April 10, 2018.


Per the Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector’s website, you also have the option to pay online using the following methods:


  • eCheck: no fee
  • Credit card: 2.3% fee, minimum charge $3.95
  • Visa Personal debit card: $3.95 flat fee
  • All other types of debit cards: 2.3% fee, minimum charge $3.95


To pay, review or print your property tax bill, visit the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s site.  Scroll down and input your parcel number or address and follow the prompts from there.


If you have an impound account, the lender will make the payment to the County.  To verify the status of the payment online, click HERE to go to the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s site.  Input your parcel number or address and follow the prompts.


Would you like a reminder to pay your property taxes?  You can set up text or email reminders to pay property taxes at the Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collectors site.  The reminders occur approximately 10 days prior to the delinquent date.