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The Story of Otis and Hayden, too


We met Otis when he became our foster dog
FOCHP (Friends of Orange County’s Homeless Pets), is a rescue group who was looking for foster homes for a litter of puppies.  They posted a request for puppy fosters on Facebook and we answered it.  When we saw there was one puppy left without a foster home, we decided to foster him, too.

Otis & Hayden
I picked up the puppies and named them Otis and Hayden.  The puppies were adorable and we thought they were so funny.  When we walked downstairs, Otis would bark at us as if to say “Get out of my house!”  We’d laugh and say “Hey, we saved you.  What’s up with the barking?”  The dogs’ favorite place to relax was under one of the chairs in the family room.  They played, shared treats and had lots of fun together.  We loved having them here.

Hayden is adopted!
The day an application was accepted for Hayden, the nice adopter, an NICU nurse came to meet him and it was love at first sight.  As I saw this nice nurse and our wonderful Hayden drive away, I knew Hayden was going to have a wonderful life.

Otis is adopted by people we know very well
Yep, it was us.  This is what is commonly known as a foster failure.  That’s when the foster family ends up adopting their foster pup and it’s more common than you might think.

What kind of dog is he?
Um, well….we’ve often wondered the same thing.  We think he’s a Boxer something mix and we’re certain he’s almost 100% awesome. Although a few people have said Otis is “interesting looking” or “has a face only a mother could love”, we think he’s quite handsome and deserving of the role of  Jill Murty’s Spokesdog.

Humble Beginnings as my Spokespuppy
Otis’ first photos showed that he’d grow up to be a great Spokesdog.  He had the look and he had the message: “List your house with my Mommy.”

Maturing into my Spokesdog
As Otis matured, the way he conveyed the message evolved, but remained largely the same: “You’ll be happy if you choose my Mom, Jill Murty as your Realtor.”  Otis and his siblings were rescued by Friends of Orange County’s Homeless Pets. Visit FOCHP and find the love of your life or a Spokesdog of your very own.